Oct 3, 2011

A Definitive Look at Dental Implants in Sun City

A Definitive Look at Dental Implants in Sun City Dental Implants in Sun City: Tooth Loss in the United States

Teeth can go missing or become irreparably cracked, damaged and decayed for any of a number of reasons. While we seldom think of our teeth as something we may have to go without some day, the reality of the situation is that a great number of us will. According to the American Dental Association, more than 20 million people in the United States are completely edentulous and don’t have a single original adult tooth left in their mouths. A further 100 million people have lost between 11 and 15 of their original teeth, which makes it easy to appreciate how much of a gift a full set of healthy pearly whites really is! In fact, according to the statistics on teeth replacement in Arizona, chances are that you yourself have lost a tooth or two. The good news is that ceaseless advances in medical science and technology have made it possible for you, and the millions of people like you, to receive fully functional and highly aesthetic teeth replacement in Arizona…

Dental Implants in Sun City: What Are They?

Dental implants in Sun City offer a fantastic solution to single and multiple missing teeth. They are essentially free-standing artificial ‘tooth roots’ that are carefully placed in the prepared socket/s left bare by the missing tooth or teeth. The base component of dental implants in Sun City looks like a metal screw and is in fact fabricated from the extremely strong metal titanium (also used to make professional tennis racquets and space craft!) But what really makes titanium a perfect candidate for teeth replacement in Arizona is that it is capable of ‘osseointegration’.

Dental Implants in Sun City and Osseointegration

In 1951, Swedish orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Branemark made the discovery that essentially made dental implants in Sun City possible. The discovery was the ability of titanium metal to fuse with bone; a process termed ‘osseointegration’. Now, exactly 60 years later, dental implants in Sun City offer a comprehensive, long term, functional and aesthetic solution to single and multiple missing teeth. The incredible benefits offered by teeth replacement in Arizona using this technology are owed largely to the phenomenon that Professor Per-Ingvar Branemark discovered. Because titanium metal can form a biological bond with bone, dental implants in Sun City can be placed in pre-drilled sockets in the jaw where – with healing – they will become permanently ‘rooted’.

This enables them to function just like a natural and healthy tooth root by:

Providing stimulation to the underlying jaw bone and in doing so, preventing the tissue from atrophying.
Providing strong support for a durable and aesthetic ceramic tooth crown, which replaces the chewing, biting and/or grinding function of the tooth.
Providing teeth replacement in Arizona that is completely comfortable and feels like a natural tooth.

Dental Implants in Sun City: A Final Note

The discovery of osseointegration led to the conception of a dental field that is now capable of offering comprehensive solutions to patients that have lost one or more of their pearly whites. As it was initially discussed, teeth can and do go missing and need replacing for a great number of reasons. Now, thanks to dental implants in Sun City, the effects of a lost or severely damaged tooth (or teeth) need not take a toll on our quality of lives and our quality of smiles!

Rozar Peter is associated with the dental industry for a long time and understands that Dental implants Sun City is the only way to get back your natural smile. Moreover, this method is considered as one of the safest and reliable Teeth Replacement Arizona procedure.

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