Oct 5, 2011

The Breast Augmentation Shopping List

The Breast Augmentation Shopping List

If you are preparing to have a breast augmentation done, there are several items you may want to stock up on you ensure that you are prepared for a speedy recovery and a smooth transition following the procedure.

Breast augmentation is like any other form of plastic surgery in that it is exactly that - surgery. While it typically doesn’t require a hospital stay or extensive recovery time, it still must be treated as a serious medical procedure that will require some advanced preparation on the patient’s part.

The typical recovery from a breast augmentation lasts around a week’s time and can be more or less intensive depending on the patient and the unique individual circumstances of the procedure. It is always important to remember that no patient will be able to perform all of the tasks and duties usually performed during the recovery period, meaning that planning and accommodations must be made to account for this.

One of the most important things one can do to prepare for the recovery from a breast augmentation is to know what to shop for and have in the home following the surgery. Aside from the prescribed medications that the surgeon will specifically instruct you to obtain, there are many items that are both necessary and handy to have to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The first and often most important are those items that will help you rest most comfortably. Making sure the wounds left from the procedure are dressed properly is something your surgeon will instruct you how to do, and making sure you have an ample supply of the necessary materials on hand is vitally important.

Beyond that, know that at various points you may want or need to either ice or heat the affected area. Purchasing ice packs that can be re-frozen and used multiple times is effective, as is a heating pad that can be plugged in and controlled electronically based on your individual needs.

Following the operation, you may not be able to shower for a certain period of time. To help get through this period, getting an individual wash cloth and cleaning supplies to help bathe yourself as best you can can be beneficial. Also making sure you have comfortable clothing that does not irritate the affected area is necessary to maintain comfort and also promote healing.

Making sure you have a thermometer on hand is also important. One of the clear signs of complications following a breast augmentation is a rising internal temperature, which can indicate that an infection is setting in. Keeping a thermometer on hand and checking your temperature periodically is very helpful.

Finally, make sure you have an accessible list of contact numbers for the doctor who performed your breast augmentation as well as his or her practice and your family and friends. Making sure you are readily able to call for help if you need to can save you a lot of time, energy and frustration should complications arise following surgery.

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