Sep 23, 2011

Getting To Know About Complementary Therapy And More

Medicine has been an integral part of human race since ages. It has been used to cure every kind of illnesses, for better health or even for some aspired health benefits. The science of medicine has evolved from simple curatives to more complex and effective. Medicine can be Contemporary, Complementary, Alternative or Traditional.

Contemporary medicine is the most modern form of medicine and uses the latest technology in treating the patients. Traditional medicine is not used very frequently now as it uses conventional method of treatment. Alternative medicine may use both traditional and modern approach to healing; and maybe used as an alternative to conventional method of medicine. Complementary medicine is mostly used as an alignment to conventional medicines.

Today people use Complementary medicinal services like reflexology, aromatherapy or Alexander technique quite frequently along with conventional medicines. Complementary method mostly uses various therapies and herbs and flowers to treat the patients. Complementary therapists are well trained and provide various services for the relaxation of mind and body which help in healing. The basic premise of complementary therapy is that the human mind is the main cause of illnesses and proper therapy of the mind can act as a curative.Complementary therapy is yet to be included as a part of the conventional medicine practices but is mostly used as an accompaniment to the conventional method.

Complementary therapy involves extensive use of herbs in its treatment procedure. Various types of therapies such as meditation help in relaxation of the mind. Complementary therapists prescribe treatment as per the health and requirement of every individual. This may include; exercises, change in diet, use of various herbs in daily food intake, meditation, etc. Even though complementary therapies are considered safe, it is always advisable to get an allergy test done. This will help you know the herbs that won’t suit you and thus save you from side effects.

Holistic therapy is also a type of treatment that helps in curing individuals from pain but by changing the lifestyle and the thought process of the individual. Holistic means as a whole. It emphasizes the functional relation between a part and the whole body. Complementary therapy involves treating the mind and the body whereas holistic therapy focuses just on the healing of the mind.

Holistic therapists understand that the cause of any individual’s pain and discomfort is due to the asymmetry of his body with his mind. So the therapist’s tries to enlist the importance of a good diet, regular exercise and stress free life. A Holistic therapist helps you in aligning your mind and body, and living a healthy and stress free life.

It is always helpful to know about different types of therapies like reflexology, aromatherapy or Alexander technique. This helps in understanding the cause of your pain and trouble. But sometimes it so happens that you have some problem but are confused about the actual cause. So the best solution to it is to visit a therapist. But before that if you discuss about it with experts and get their advice, it might help you to cure it in the initial stage itself. Health Forums give you a platform to get answer to your health queries.

Experts give you good advice and a solution. You can even read experiences of people on the forum and get some insight about various health issues. So being a member of a Health Forum really helps.So join now and get all your queries answered.

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