Sep 23, 2011

Back Support Belt

A back support belt is a vital part of the recovery process for many people who have had treatment to relieve a back condition, and the use of the right back support belt can help promote recovery and help reduce discomfort.

A back support belt is also a commonly used item to help ensure a back remains protected when working with heavy loads and it can help prevent injury for many people.

Here at Medi Tech, we stock a number of back support options including special chiropractic back support belt devices and back support belt options which focus on the lumbar area or the spine.

A bestseller in the back support belt range is our black chiropractic belt, which can be bought individually or bought in bulk for a much lower price. This back support belt comes in two different hip sizes and guarantees to offer maximum comfort for wearers.

For many people, our chiropractic back support belt is a popular option and is sturdy with adjustable straps for optimum fit and comfort. This back support belt offers a combination of firm support and comfort, and can be worn at all times, including when standing, sitting, bending, sleeping or even exercising.

This back support belt is designed not to restrict movement at all and comes in a range of sizes. Our website features a range of tips to help people buy the right size back support belt for them and these should be read before making a purchase.

For those who work with heavy items or in the construction sector, our Stomatex lumbar support back support belt is ideal. This back support belt works by keeping muscles and joints well warmed and it also has great elasticity for comfort while working.

For added convenience, this back support belt is fully machine washable and can be worn either under or over clothing. To ensure the skin can breathe, back support belt wearers should ensure they put on clothes made from man made fibres if wearing the back support belt on the outside.

If you are looking for a back support belt which is easy to wear, comfortable, washable and affordable, get in touch with us today and check out our great back support belt range.


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