Sep 23, 2011

Addicted to coffee

Writing this article is tough for me as I love my coffee, be that as it may, it is necessary to get the truth out. I am not sure that this will change my personal stance on coffee, but hopefully it will help those of you who are health conscious and wish to improve your health.

Understanding the damaging effects of coffee is important if you want to get the best out of your body. Coffee, unless it is decaffeinated contains caffeine and caffeine is a drug much like other stimulants are. It can be put in the category of methamphetamines and amphetamines.

Caffeine does stimulate the body much less than the above mentioned stimulants and governments in their wisdom have seen fit to legalize caffeine whereas the other stimulants have been outlawed and for good reason.

When you ingest caffeine, your body experiences a series of chemical reactions that cause you have to be stimulated emotionally. Caffeine has the ability to restrict neuron transmission to the brain and this can block the signals that help to control impulses. Effectively, this makes you feel happy as inhibitions no longer exist. Caffeine also aids dopamine and this helps to make people feel happy as well.

The problem with this is that these sensations are short lived due to the chemical reaction that the caffeine causes in the body. Your body is being told to be happy whereas you are not really happy.

While you might experience a lift that is similar to drug induced ones, it is not natural nor is it sustainable. After a period, you will experience a drop in your energy levels and be back to square one. You would be far better off taking some green tea that has antioxidants. While the energy lift will not be as dramatic, it will be long lasting and improve your overall performance in a positive way.

Stimulants such as caffeine do give you the feeling of more focus and even people who participate in sport use caffeine to enhance their performance on the sports field. Caffeine, works in such a way that it dilated the pupils among other biological reactions in the body.

When you ingest caffeine, you will experience a flight or fight response. Either way, in a crisis situation, you will be charged up, tense, possibly aggressive and your blood pressure and respiration will be altered adversely. This is risky as it can cause high blood pressure which can lead to cerebral and or or coronary artery disease. The risks of these two diseases make it not really worthwhile to take caffeine in the first place.

Caffeine can stay in the body for as long as 12 hours and during this time, your body and heart in particular is placed under undue strain to perform adequately. As you only have one heart it is important that you look after the one that you have got rather well. Your body will begin to perform at less than optimum levels as caffeine does affect how neurons in the body talk to each other. You can eventually start to experience excessive urinating, feelings of restlessness and irritability and insomnia. all of these are rather uncomfortable experiences that can easily be avoided by avoiding caffeine in the first place. As is the case with banned substances, it is possible to become addicted to caffeine and this is when all of the above symptoms become exacerbated and the body starts to run into trouble rather sooner than later.

If this information has not scared you off regarding consuming caffeine, then make sure you take in enough water and minerals to counter act these symptoms. That said, I am now off to make myself a cup of caffeine rich coffee.


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