Mar 7, 2011

Charm italian photo wholesale

Charm italian photo wholesale


Happy (Custom) Anniversary Laser Charm

Whether you are celebrating your 50th, 1st or 100th year anniversary, this charm is the one for you. You can add the anniversary year that is specific to you on this charm. Give her this unique and person...

14K Yellow Gold Baptism Medal

14K Yellow Gold is used to craft this baptism medal. The medal features an image of two angels with a baby, and is cut-out at the top. The pendant features satin and polished details for a contrasting, te...

I Believe in Angels

Your guard angel is always with you, you just have to believe. Beautiful I Believe in Angels Laser Italian Charm is perfect for your bracelet. Engraving is perfectly clear and pretty looking on a shiny st...




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Charm italian photo wholesale
Image 517, 8/30/2010, Review 834
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Charm italian photo wholesale
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Charm italian photo wholesale
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Charm italian photo wholesale
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Charm italian photo wholesale
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Charm italian photo wholesale
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Charm italian photo wholesale
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Charm italian photo wholesale
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Charm italian photo wholesale
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The springs at silverbell tucson azThe springs at silverbell tucson azSterling silver seashell necklaceOpal jewelry rings


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Silver napkin ringsCabochon cameo finding jewelry wholesaleSilver filigree drop earringsSilver t bar chain


Image 1465, 8/11/2010, Review 3451




Lucky ladys charm

Image 1586, 9/27/2010, Review 1347

Sweetie bracelet with heart charm

Image 850, 4/5/2010, Review 1719

Gold jesus charm

Image 1173, 5/22/2010, Review 750


Gold saint charm

Image 773, 4/27/2010, Review 2177


Antique sterling silver and onyx rings

Image 1062, 8/14/2010, Review 3435




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Mickey mouse starter bracelet italian charmOnyx and silver earring20 silver chain


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HORSES Laser Charm

If you're an equestrian lover, there's nothing more fitting than this beautiful HORSES charm. Charm features the large word HORSES atop a trio of galloping horses....


Welcoming Santa

This Welcoming Santa greets everyone for his Christmas time in the year! The image is rendered on a premium stainless steel base and painted in traditional red and white colors outlined with gold enamel. ...


14K Yellow Gold & Rhodium Filigree Swirl Slide

Add stylish shine to any ensemble with this beautiful slide. 14K Yellow Gold is used to craft this unique swirl design that features diamond-cut filigree designs crafted from Rhodium for a two-tone look. ...


2 gauge curved taper, $6,99

Material: 316L surgical stainless steel, implant grade, two O-rings included, Gauge: 2, Type: taper / hole expander, Length: 1 1/2" (38mm)...





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