Mar 7, 2011

Chain silver snake

Chain silver snake


Palm Italian Charm

Take the piece of paradise with you. Beautiful Palm Italian Charm is painted in enamel on a sparkling stainless steel link. This palm is calling you to get away for a while from your routine....

14K Yellow Gold "Goodluck" Hand Sign Language Charm

Add luck to any ensemble, or wish someone well, with this adorable charm. 14K Yellow Gold is used to craft the hand sign for "goodluck" that features a polished finish for maximum shine. The charm hangs f...

Froggie Cupid Laser Charm

Now the norm is to see a nice cherubic cupid flying in the air with bow and arrow in hand, but a frog doing the same thing? Weird! Anyway, if this type of stuff interests you, this charm would make a nice...



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Chain silver snake
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Chain silver snake
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Chain silver snake
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Chain silver snake
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Chain silver snake
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Chain silver snake
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Chain silver snake
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Chain silver snake
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Chain silver snake
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Silver and marcasite necklace

Image 849, 8/23/2010, Review 1938

Charmed one photo

Image 640, 5/29/2010, Review 1670

Pewter or sterling silver charm

Image 2097, 4/16/2010, Review 520


Antique silver necklace

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Silver cabochon rings

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