Dec 2, 2010

Cartoons from the 90 s

cartoons from the 90 s

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Cartoons From The 90 S. 1. The 20 Best Cartoons Of The 90's. 20. Darkwing DuckProduction Period: 1991-1995 This Disney smash followed Drake Ballard and his alter-ego, Darkwing Duck. Darkwing and his adopted daughter, в_│ ...

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Many animated shows from the 90s were more for adults than kids. Which of the cartoons from the 90 s would be worth bringing back?

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Teaching highschoolers through preschoolAbout 80 Franklin Regional high school students enrolled in the district's child development classes в_" two hands-on.

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Not just in the 90s but also the modern animations. Well lets get into our time capsule and hop into what the Famous Cartoons From The 90s were. Who do you think deserves to be on the Famous Cartoons From The 90s list? ...

I am thinking of Cartoons From The 90 S
indescribable: we are the 90's children: i saw this post on facebook and makes me wanna write something...FORWARDED:Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. ...

Blast from the Past: 90's Cartoons
All this talk about changing your Facebook profile pics into pics of childhood cartoon characters inspired me to write this post. There's a huge chance that you (you, the reader) spent your childhood in the 90's watching anime ...

a kid's life in 90s Philippines: A list of good ole cartoons ...
a kid's life in 90s Philippines: A list of good ole cartoons. December 2, 2010 - 3:59 pm No Comments. everyone is having their profile pictures replaced with their favorite cartoons in support for childrens' rights against violence. ...

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jeggings jason davis grammy nominations 2011 jeremy london celebrity rehab 4 cast kyrie irving eric roberts suge knight twin peaks david kirby aids keyshia cole cartoons from the 90 s ann ward top cheв_│ Source: ...

The Power of Cartoons (Top 80-90s) PART II
So it turns out that Christmas Movie Montage is my highest viewed youtube video, well my highest viewed blog entry is в__The Power of Cartoons (Top 80-90s) so I figured I should follow it up. THE INTROS! (This only goes to prove by the ...

Where on the internet can I watch 90's cartoons?
I hear so many bad things about todays television. I am a 90's kid, and I loved lots of shows from Classic Nickelodeon and Cartoon network.

I was thinking the other day while I was watching todays cartoons, and wondered what makes a show good? I know Cartoon Network is pretty much dead. I don't know why they would put live shows on Cartoon Network when it's supposed to be an all Cartoon channel. But I like the show FlapJack on CN, I think its an ok show, its watchable. But the rest is not that great like chowder and adventure time ect. And on Nick there these now 3Dish shows like Fanboy and Chumchum, The penguins ect. Jimmy Nuetron was the first 3D show on Nick (I think) and that was great! The mighty Bee wasn't very popular and noticed they're not showing it as much or at all.

So from Classic shows to modern shows, what makes shows today great? What makes it terrible? I can't stand watching most cartoons today, and I don't know why. Some are ok. But what makes it great like the Rugrats, PowerPuff Girls, Cow and Chicken, ect? Many new Cartoons can't live to see season 2 lol
It's bothering me lol

What makes a Cartoon great?
It was from the 90's.
The only character I remember was a little black girl with long hair and she was always stepping on het hair. She was always get made fun of for her hair???

Old Saturday Morning Cartoon?
Um pretty sure they would fight viruses and stuff, please helpactually i found it,

What was that old show from the 90's that i think came on cartoon network? They were inside the computer?
I'm born in 1994, I'm a late 90's kid. I miss the old shows on nickelodeon.
I miss
Rugrats (original Rugrats)
Hey Arnold
Kenan and Kel
Amanda Show
Rocket Power
Oh Yeah Cartoons
Angry Beavers
Adventures of Pete and Pete
Spongebob Squarepants (old episodes of Spongebob)

Answer this question if you're a 90's kids and what shows from 90's do you miss the most?

What shows from the 1990's do you miss the most?
Okay, as a child I saw this ALL the time. My parents dont know what Im talking about..
But, in the movie, it starts out in the forest and theres a mouse in a mouse trap or something.. and then through the whole movie, its this blonde little boy trying to save an eagle from these trapper guys with australian accents, and a jeep.
Its a cartoon, and was probably made in the late 90's
I hate that I cant remember.. I always get it mixed up with the animal rescuers down under.. but thats NOT it. xD


Do you recognize this movie?
okay im trying to find the name of a cartoon character from when i was young.

the character is a little redheaded girl dressed as little red riding hood going to visit her grandma. she has think black glasses. when she talks her randomly screams in a weird mid-sentence. ex"when i get there we're gonna have STRAWBERRRY cheese cakkkkkkkke" Someone help me find her name a picture or what she shes's from

90's cartoon character name?
I wanna watch cartoons, but none of the websites I've searched help.
Like, if the site has a wide variety of cartoons from the 90's till now.. that would be great. And from the 80's. Yeah. C:

What website can I use to watch cartoons with?
i remember this movie from when i was little all i can remember is that it went from real life movie to cartoon. there was a mother and her son and she was reading him a story and it went to animated mode and when it did there was a tree full of birds and they were singing rockin robin. sorry this sounds strange but i just cant think of the movie help?! this was during the 90's if that helps.

whats the name of this movie?
It was comprised of a bunch of shorts based in places around the world in all different time periods. The animation style, I think, was kind of like Arthur.

The show would attempt to teach history, but it was all fake. They taught things like the origin of waffles cones (An ice-cream vendor, in ancient Greece, dropped a waffle and it landed in a cone shape) and the origin of counting (A farmer in ancient China needed to count chickens for his emperor/king).

Now, I may be mixing together a few different cartoons in my head, but I'm almost positive this show existed. I remember watching it along with The Magic School Bus in the mid 90s on weekday mornings.

This has caused me many hours of lost googling and I would GREATLY appreciate any info.

Please provide links or vids or something (A name is perfectly O.K. too)Histeria could be it, but I'm pretty sure the show I watched was on PBSI remember an episode where the main characters of the show thought that this group of guys were mobsters. The 'mobsters' were carrying instrument cases that they thought had guns in them, so they followed them onto a train. When they got to where they were going it turned out they were just musicians. Again, I could just be smashing shows together in my mind.

I'm trying to remember a cartoon from the 90's...?
about a girl & a boy trying to stop whalers from finding whale sanctuary? animated, think it came out somewhere in the 90's or earlier.
a girl is a stowaway on a ship watches Native American totem pole ceremony.
Native American boy is son of Chief.
had to get glowing orb thing back to the sacred totem pole
glowing orb thing wasstolen by evil pirate? i guess hes a pirate. he had long sideburns?
and theres a baby whale. . . somewhere in there
thats all i remember

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