Jan 18, 2013

InsuranceFixIt Reveals Auto Insurance Industry Changes and Trends for 2013

InsuranceFixIt has released an article detailing how changes in auto insurance affect consumers and automotive insurance rates in 2013.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) January 10, 2013
InsuranceFixIt has released a new article which shows many of the auto insurance changes that policyholders should be concerned with in 2013.
Economic conditions have created new changes and trends for the Auto Insurance Industry due to the desire by policyholders to shop for cheaper insurance converge and the desire by a growing number of insurance providers to use technology to provide a more accurate assessment of the risk and liability of individual policies.
Automotive Insurance Companies are trying to find new ways to reduce insurance fraud. A new device is being introduced to the public by a several of the largest automotive insurance companies. It is offered with the claim that it will save drivers money with personalized policies. The device into the vehicle and works like a GPS.
According to InsuranceFixIt, the makers of TomTom GPS are launching a new device that can be used to decrease driver insurance rates depending on the amount they drive as well as providing the driver information of their own driving habits.
According to the article, auto insurance shoppers will be given the opportunity to customize their policies by adding this technology. "In the next couple of years, auto insurance providers will be forced to provide customized policies, higher discounts and greater access to online quotes. New technology will help the policyholder to track their driving habits and in turn may decrease their insurance premiums," said Michele Postler, Senior Editor for InsuranceFixit.com.
InsuranceFixIt has detailed many of the changes and trends taking place with automotive insurance in 2013.
New Reforms for Auto Insurance include:

  • Insurance premiums will no longer be provided on a group demographic but a personalized basis that will allow experienced drivers a higher discount.

  • More people are willing to purchase their full coverage auto insurance from an online source. One of the main reasons is that shopping around for auto insurance online is much easier than in person.

  • Insurance premiums are increasingly becoming partially based on your credit score.

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