Oct 5, 2011

What To Eat After a Breast Augmentation

What To Eat After a Breast Augmentation

When preparing to recover from breast augmentation - or any form of surgery for that matter - it is important to understand that your diet will have to change. Because your nutritional needs will be different, and because you may have difficulty eating certain foods, knowing what to prepare is vital.

A breast augmentation, like other forms of plastic surgery, is a serious medical procedure that involves a necessary recovery period for all patients. How you handle this needed recovery time will go a long way towards determining how quickly you are able to return to normal activity.

While important aspects of this time include taking necessary medication, making sure all wounds are appropriately dressed and cleaned and ensuring that you get enough rest and relaxation, what you decide to eat and not eat is also a key part of the process.

Certain founds contain helpful vitamins and nutrients that can help your body recover from a breast augmentation, while others can prove detrimental to this process. At the same time, it is also good to keep in mind that the pain and discomfort you will find yourself in may make it difficult to chew or swallow certain foods and drinks.

One universally popular choice for many patients recovering from surgery is a smoothie. Usually some combination of yogurt or other dairy base along with fruit or other nutritious additives, smoothies can be easy to make, easier to swallow and can also pack a wallop of nutrients while also satisfying one’s hunger. Other similarly-textured foods such as apple sauce and fruit sorbets can also be a healthy alternative that are easy to consume.

Protein, as a nutrient, is extremely beneficial to anyone recovering from breast augmentation because it helps jumpstart the healing process and the regeneration of healthy tissue around the affected area. Foods such as chicken, fish, eggs and other dairy are all rich in protein and can be easily consumed in a number of different dishes. Peanut butter also contains a plentiful amount of protein but can be more difficult to consume.

Vitamin C is also a valuable part of foods consumed during recovery, and can be found in many fruits and vegetables. Oranges and orange juice are a popular choice, and other fruits that are similarly loaded with Vitamin C, such as grapefruit, can also be consumed as a fruit or as a juice. Vegetables such as peppers are also a great choice and can be cut up into smaller pieces and included in dishes such as salads or sandwiches.

Vitamin A also helps promote healing around the site of the surgical wound. Foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots and other fruits and vegetables contain ingredients that help promote the production of Vitamin A in the body.

Combining the consumption of these and other foods with other beneficial steps in the recovery process can help make bouncing back from breast augmentation both efficient and effective. Discussing your dietary plans and other ideas for recovery with a medical professional is always recommended and can help you formulate the best possible plan.

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