Oct 3, 2011

The Use of Laser in Teeth Whitening

The Use of Laser in Teeth Whitening

Children are taught that brushing twice a day and flossing daily will keep the teeth pearly white. However, brushing and flossing are not sufficient to keep the natural brilliance of the teeth. Years of eating pigment–containing food like cherries, blueberries, and pomegranates can stain the enamel or the protective covering of the teeth. Drinking beverages like tea, coffee, and red wine can also darken the teeth.


Most people find discolored teeth unattractive. Darkening of the teeth due to stains from food and beverage is known as extrinsic discoloration. On the other hand, certain drugs like tetracycline antibiotics can give dentin a darker color. As the enamel gets less porous, the dentin becomes visible. This is called intrinsic discoloration.


Many extrinsic stains can be removed by bleaching and regular professional care. Bleaching agent is applied to the enamel of the teeth to remove the stains and to regain its former brilliance. Power bleaching can make the teeth significantly whiter in 30-45 minutes.  This treatment involves application of light activated bleaching gel. Several follow up treatments may be required after the procedure.


The use of light in whitening teeth is also known by some as a laser tooth whitening procedure. It has become increasingly popular forms of teeth whitening in recent years. Most people prefer this procedure as it is not as expensive as traditional teeth whitening procedures. In addition, this treatment provides people with a bright and white smile painlessly. Laser whitening treatments can usually be received from Los Angeles dentists.


If you are worried about the cost of Los Angeles teeth whitening procedures, feel safe in knowing that the treatment becomes cheaper with every session. Of course, the price varies depending on the times the process needs to be repeated and on the technology used. For instance, one who only has a slight degree of teeth stain can get this treatment at a lower price, while someone with significant teeth discoloration will have to pay more.


Another great advantage of Los Angeles teeth whitening procedures is that they normally do not take more than an hour to complete. They begin with the removal of plaque along the gum line. Once finished, a type of hydrogen peroxide gel is applied, which helps the laser teeth whitening process take effect more efficiently. The next step involves using the laser, activating the gel. After an hour, the treatment should be complete. You can now go home with clean, white, and healthy teeth.

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