Jun 7, 2011

Jewelry Missing AirLine passengers Lugagge

Police at Lambert Airport are investigating a possible theft of $40,000-50,000 worth of jewelry.

A passenger says the jewelry came up missing from her bag after she boarded a flight at Lambert.

Deb Eldridge, who is from the New York area, says there are six pieces of jewelry missing.

The most valuable, a two point two carat diamond solitaire engagement ring from her husband valued at $30,000.

Also missing is a diamond wedding band worth thousands and a watch with 40 diamonds in it.  A Tahitian pearl and diamond necklace is also gone along with a matching Tahitian pearl bracelet and earrings.

This all happened last Friday.

Eldridge says the jewelry was in a suede pouch inside her carry on bag.

Eldridge says when she went to board a Delta Com Air flight direct to LaGuardia in New York, she was told at the gate that her carry on would have to be checked because the flight was full.

She gave workers her bag without removing the pouch.

When she got to New York, Eldridge says her bag and other bags were placed on the tarmac, not in the baggage claim area.

Eldridge picked up her bag and didn't realize there was a problem until she got home and unpacked.

"It's horrible, it's horrible. I mean when I called the airlines I was virtually hysterical because it's the most important, it's just really precious jewelry to me. Its jewelry my husband's given me over the years," explained Eldridge.

Lambert police tell us they are reviewing images of Eldridge being screened at security with her bag.

A TSA official says once a bag clears security, it becomes an airline issue.

A Delta spokesperson says they are still looking into the issue.


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