May 25, 2011

Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antiques Show Boasts Huge Crowds, Active Selling

West Palm Beach. Fla: While the vast majority of the country bundled up in an attempt to fend off the lingering cold snap that Old Man Winter has served up this winter, spirited crowds and brisk sales transformed February's Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antiques Show into a virtual heat
wave. Buoyed by a healthy top-end market, top quality merchandise and facilitated by the show's proactive promoters, the event was once again termed by management as a rousing success.

The show is promoted by the Palm Beach Group, and management has a reputation for getting the crowds out to their shows. Palm Beach was no exception and the group rolled out the red carpet for throngs of invited guests on Friday evening, February 18, for a gala preview party that has not
only become a premier social event for locals, but also a prime buying opportunity for museum curators and serious collectors.

West Palm Beach

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