Mar 7, 2011

Gold edge charms

Gold edge charms


Elf Carrying Presents Laser Charm

You probably thinking elves have it easy come Christmas. Not! They do all the legwork while Santa sits back and sips his milk. This crazy elf is stumbling around carrying a handful of presents!...

14K Yellow Gold Starfish Post Earrings

Life's a beach. 14K Yellow Gold is used to craft this pair of adorable starfish posts. The textured finish adds style and detail to this lovely pair....

Eiffel Tower Dangle Silver Charm

The Eiffel Tower stands at in the romantic city of Paris. Well, if you can't make it to Paris, we have created a charm that is a replica of this beautiful landmark. This dangle charm is made with sterling...



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Gold edge charms
Image 687, 4/19/2010, Review 225
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Gold edge charms
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Gold edge charms
Image 1466, 12/29/2010, Review 344
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Gold edge charms
Image 641, 5/4/2010, Review 2724
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Gold edge charms
Image 1177, 1/4/2010, Review 1738
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Gold edge charms
Image 2048, 7/6/2010, Review 3288
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Gold edge charms
Image 2225, 2/26/2010, Review 1575
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Gold edge charms
Image 2071, 2/20/2010, Review 1994
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Gold edge charms
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Heart charms girls pictures

Image 239, 9/2/2010, Review 1486

Marc jacobs silver ash bags spring 2008

Image 289, 11/27/2010, Review 2606

Create art silver spring

Image 942, 2/7/2010, Review 211


14 k gold bnoxing charms

Image 1491, 9/21/2010, Review 1569


Gold palm tree charms

Image 1315, 1/11/2010, Review 1851




Image 2028, 10/24/2010, Review 1242
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