Oct 3, 2011

How To Ask Plastic Surgeons the Right Questions

How To Ask Plastic Surgeons the Right Questions

Like all types of medical professionals, plastic surgeons take your life and your health in their hands when they go to work on your body. Because cosmetic surgery carries the same risks and potential complications as any other surgery, making sure you know what to ask your surgeon ahead of time ensures that you are working with the right one.

Plastic surgeons are like many other professionals in that they can be good and bad. They key for you, as a patient, is to make sure you have found one of the good ones that also suits your specific needs.

All plastic surgeons have certain specific requirements they must fulfill in order to legally practice in the area where they work, but beyond that there are numerous other qualifications, qualities and personal traits that can define whether your experience with that surgeon will meet your individual needs.

All plastic surgeons should have received a proper education in their field and be able to prove it. They should also be fully licensed by the appropriate licensing boards and other medical associations that they may be required to register with, and they should be able to document this as well. Beyond that, it is up to you as an individual to ask the right questions to a potential surgeon to determine whether that person is right for you.

Arguably the first and most important question you should ask aside from whether he or she has the proper certification, is what type of experience that doctor has performing the type of procedure you are interested in. Not every surgeon that is qualified to perform a certain surgery has ample experience doing so, so not only asking about one’s background in the area, but also about whether he or she can provide evidence or past testimonials of successful work is very important.

It should also not be taken for granted that a doctor has full access to a medical staff and certain facilities you may expect. Inquiring about the size of the staff that will be working alongside the doctor during your surgery, what their individual qualifications are and also where the procedure will take place is all very important.

Even if the surgery is to be performed at a facility other than a hospital and regardless of whether you are comfortable with this or not, it is also best to ensure that plastic surgeons have hospital privileges for two reasons. On one hand, hospitals only grant admitting privileges to highly-qualified and regarded doctors, meaning that those with the ability to admit patients are going to be noted professionals. Also, it is good peace of mind to know that you will have access to important emergency care if needed.

There are other important questions to ask plastic surgeons in order to determine whether one is right for you, but these basic questions can help narrow down a list to those who are most highly qualified and able to best perform the work you are seeking.

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